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I’m a wife to Lars, a momma to little Noo, a graphic designer and a writer. My company, LarsLove Design, is a print design company specializing in wedding stationery. I also love creating signage for parties, birthday invitations, business logos, or any other projects that come my way. I have a small shop on where I sell custom invitations and some of my random handmade creations. I use my blog to share my work and all the adventures of life. So whether you are a mommy who likes reading silly baby stories you can relate to, a graphic designer who is as big of a typography nerd as me, or just a friend…there is something here for you! LarsLove Design. Facebook me. Follow me on Twitter. Check out my etsy shop. Find me on Martha’s Dreamers into Doers. Thanks for stopping by!




2 thoughts on “About

  1. kellie joseph on said:

    i am looking for wedding invitations in the colors of fuchsia, orange. or fuchsia, orange and yellow. i need invitations and response cards in the amount of 200

  2. kellie joseph on said:

    i just sent you the request of the fuchsia nd orange invitations and gave you the incorrect return email address it is

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