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We are super photogenic…

I sat down at the computer today thinking, “Oh! I will blog some cute Easter photos of little Noo”. I haven’t posted any family adventures for a while, so I figured it was a good time. I started flipping through my last import folder in iPhoto. I leisurely scrolled through the pics of Noo hunting for eggs, eating cupcakes and what have you. Then I came to it… a series of photos so ghastly that I simply had to share.

Some of you may recall my Larson Family Christmas Card post from January. It was a rather comical view of the disastrous photo session we had while attempting to get a good shot for our Christmas card. There was crying, laughing, blinking, pretty much everything except three faces smiling at the camera. Flash forward to Spring-time…notice a familiar series of events?


Tricia: Hey, you guys want me to get a shot of the three of you?
Us: Oh sure yea! Let’s just pluck Noo from the bounce house with all of her cousins…that will surely go over great!

Oh, Nola…you’re upset? Let daddy toss you in the air, you love that!

Apparently you don’t…

That’s okay though, let’s keep trying. Everyone smile!

What a precious family!

Okay, let’s take a second and regroup. Nola, look at this Easter egg!


Yeah! Isn’t it neat! You should hold it and definitely not run away…

or try to escape…looking awfully disheveled, I might add.

A golf cart ride! Yeah, let’s do it!

But we will snap a picture first!


All’s well that ends in a golf cart ride I suppose! I would like to add that the photographer credited with capturing this joyous downward spiral, Tricia, enjoyed herself a bit too much. Just because you can get SEVERAL…AWESOME photos of your gorgeous 5 member family, doesn’t mean it comes so easy to the rest of us!

You will all be glad to know that we eventually released the wild animal known as Nola back into her preferred habitat of the bounce house to enjoy the rest of the afternoon with her cousins. To all of you fellow non-photogenic families out there…you’re welcome. You’re not the only ones that can’t get a decent group shot to save your life. I had to swallow my pride to share this series of horrific photos with you, but I like to think the humor was worth it and I hope you enjoyed!


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6 thoughts on “We are super photogenic…

  1. I absolutely adore this photo shoot :). 100% real, no faking 🙂 Yes,I totally agree taking photos of wild little human beings is a skill. they are unpredictable, most certain having issues with split personality disorder, extremely fast, but after all they are truly adorable and it is impossible to resist the urge to capture few precious moments that might never be reproduced…and that is the reason why I’m hoping to become ‘wild little human ‘photographer 🙂 And I must disagree with you about non-photogenic people or families, photography is about real, special moments,it’s not a super model contest 🙂 Believe me I proved it many times ! And your family is super adorable 🙂

  2. I enjoyed the photos 🙂 Gave me a smile. Thanks for sharing!

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