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Easter Candy Cake…yes please!

Little Noo and I did our weekly grocery store trip the Wednesday before Easter. We made the mistake of going down the candy isle! As I am sure was the case in every grocery store in the country, the candy section was crammed full of peeps, jelly beans and pastel confections of every sort. I don’t like to keep a ton of candy in the house, as I have less than zero self control. However, this year I just could not ignored how particularly cute Easter candy is. While other holidays have very specific color palettes (ie: red and green or black and orange), Easter lays claim to a huge spectrum of spring-time hues. They seriously make jelly beans in ever shade under the sun. I got to thinking as Nola stared longingly at the shelves of sweet sunshine yellow and sky blue peeps, “what crazy concoction could I make using all of these teeth rotting treats?” Then it hit me…a gigantic candy cake…done and done!

So here it is. No lie, from start to finish including baking time, this only took me a few hours to make.

I made four 9 inch round cakes using the regular white box cake mix. I added a little coloring to each. I could fit two at a time in the oven, so that went pretty quick. I let them cool for a bit and then used my mom’s trick to square them off on top. Use a thread and just run it across the top of your cake sort of like a saw to get rid of the rounded top. I used a serrated knife to even out the sides because the cake pans I had are sort of ruffled around the edge. I only purchased two jars of icing, so I just did a thin layer between each cake.

This stacking was pretty easy. Since I knew how much candy I would be putting on it, I knew it didn’t need to be perfectly shaped.

Once I started icing the outside, I had to pick up the pace. The icing was the glue for all of the candy, so I wanted it to still be sticky from the first piece to the placing of the last.

I bought peeps (bunnies and the classic yellow chicks), pastel mnm’s, smoothie jelly beans and mini Cadbury eggs. I honestly didn’t have a plan as I started decorating, but it worked out just fine for the most part.

In the beginning, I used a gradual color scheme, but as I ran out of certain colors it became more random.

Believe it or not, not a single piece of candy fell off!

I wanted to save the yellow peeps for the top because they are the classic Easter candy in my mind…even though I think they are pretty gross! I know, I don’t know what’s wrong with me either! Never have liked them…those MNM’s on the other hand…

I made this little bunny cake plate decoration earlier in the week out of gold Christmas wrapping paper and an online template I found of the cute little bunnies.

This spread stayed up for about 2 minutes. Noo discovered it and that became a serious problem. The cake had to spend the next day wrapped in foil so as not to tempt little Noo’s sweet tooth. She loves candy…ugh.

I can’t speak for how easy this masterpiece was to cut, as I missed out on that part, however it looks like it held up pretty well. I really hadn’t thought much about what the cake itself would taste like, but it was super moist. I think the candy acted as a protective shell! It was delish! And it smelled fantastic…obvi.

I plan on making another version of this for this weekend’s Easter party with my family. I thought this was a simple and inexpensive way to make a great Easter dessert/centerpiece, ESPECIALLY if you have little ones.


2 box white cake mix for 4 round cakes (I use Betty Crocker- don’t forget to make sure you have eggs, I think it uses three per mix)
2 white whipped icing (I went on the cheap! Acme brand…I mean really, who can   taste the icing with all that candy!)
1 bag pastel mnms
1 bag smoothie jelly belly jelly beans (I liked these because of the colors.)
1 bag mini Cadbury eggs
1 package blue bunny peeps
1 package yellow peeps
food coloring
*cost about $15- I had tons of candy left over…perhaps too much!

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7 thoughts on “Easter Candy Cake…yes please!

  1. I LOVE it!! I may have to steal this idea (altered of course) for a baby shower I will soon be hosting! So cute!

    • Thank you Aubrey! I plan on using this idea for lots of events and holidays. It was so easy, and it can be tailored to any occasion simply by changing colors and candy!

  2. Super fun cake! Love all of the colours and sweets!

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