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Easter Tea Party

No, I didn’t have an Easter Tea, but I couldn’t help fantasizing about what it would look like if I did! Lars was off on Good Friday, and little Noo was super sleepy from some serious cousin playtime the day before. So, she went down for a nap and Lars was working diligently in his garden. I honestly didn’t know what to do with myself! This is not a feeling I get often, as there is always something to clean, create or cook around here! Our Easter plans involved going elsewhere for parties and gatherings, and we really weren’t doing any entertaining at our home. That didn’t mean I couldn’t pretend…

If I were to have an Easter Tea, this is what it would look like. Why a tea, you ask? Well just two weeks ago Lars’ grandparents in Annapolis had us over for a visit. They have a beautiful home. Everything they own is full of life and history. They had recently uncovered some silver pieces that were in their family for decades. They generously let us choose some of them to become part of our own little family history. I chose a teapot that I fell in love with immediately. Not only is it beautiful, but it comes with a history that I will pass down to Nola and her children and so on. That makes this particular teapot that much more special to me. So, the teapot itself became the inspiration for this Rustic Easter Outdoor Tea…

This was a wonderful excuse to use some of my Chirp china that Lars and I got for our wedding. We got 8 table settings including mugs. This stuff is seriously wonderful. I never hesitate to use it for any occasion, as it is so durable and dish washer safe!

The Easter egg, chick and bunny banner I made out of Lowes paint swatches…technically not stealing as they are free šŸ˜‰

The birds on each plate coincided perfectly with the delish bird’s nest cookies. BTW, they have to be the simplest cookies to make. Butterscotch chips, chow mein noodles and mini Cadbury eggs. No baking! However, Noo was hounding me for “mo! mo!” butterscotch chips while I made them.

I have had this target table cloth for years now, it somehow goes with everything. I love it. The runner is just a piece of burlap folded neatly. I didn’t want to cut it just for this staging, but it looked pretty nice folded anyway!

The precious bunny is so regal. I got him from T.J.Maxx for 5 bucks! We’re best friends…

Bunny is made of some sort of plaster and layering of newspaper…love! He is pretty sturdy too, although Noo did rip his bow off twice, thank goodness for hot glue. The beautiful basket is TamTam’s…I’m not actually sure that she even knows I have it. Shhhhhhh…

I typically do formal place settings (forks and napkins on the left- the whole nine. Mom-mom taught me well), but I wanted this table-scape to be sort of contradictory. An informal tea is not something you see a lot. The burlap and bunny appear very rustic so to compliment that, I put napkins loosely in this basket and silverware in a mason jar. When you are dining outdoors, and wind is a factor, it seems perhaps easier to just grab and pass your utensils and napkins.

Seriously, you know you love the bunny as he glances at you over the teapot. Also, the little dish holding the pastel eggs was also from Lars’ grandparents. It is engraved with the initials of his great-grandmother, which I think is so neat. These 4 eggs were also from T.J.Maxx for $1.50.

Silverware in a mason jar with one of the gorgeous orange napkins my Mom-mom gave me.

We have a lilac bush! Not only is it absolutely gorgeous, but it is huge and strategically placed outside of our kitchen window. Have you ever smelled lilac? It is fantastic, and when I open our kitchen window on a windy day- the amazing aroma comes wafting in. No candle can beat that…

I think 8 ladies could sit comfortably sipping tea at this table…

While I hated to do it, this table-scape had to come down as soon as Noo woke up from her nap. She would have a hay day with all of these fragile things! But most of the items I used are staples in our every day decor inside our humble abode…

The green vases were shower favors from a friend’s wedding shower. I love them, and I always try to keep flowers of some sort in them. I use this same green table runner at Christmas.

There is the bunny back in his usual Easter spot on the mantel. Accompanied by the banner and two funky flowers that I also picked up on the cheap from T.J.Maxx- 3 bucks each!

Hoppy Easter to all! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday with friends and family, whether you decorated for your own bash or enjoyed the relaxation of being a guest somewhere else!

Lots coming up for the Lars Family and LarsLove! I look forward to sharing it with you all!


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