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Whew! The Lars Family has been all over the place for the past few weeks! From visiting the new beautiful baby Abby, to stopping by our old stomping ground of Bethlehem- we have been on the move! It has been so wonderful seeing family and friends, especially those who we don’t see enough. It is awesome watching Nola interact and play in new situations and reminiscent environments. We are beyond lucky to have so many amazing people in our lives.

I am juggling upwards of ten projects right now for LarsLove, and I’m loving it! Some of the ventures are just beginning, while others are nearing completion. I have found rewarding aspects to every step of the design process, but the satisfaction of successfully completing a product that puts a smile on the client’s face has to be the BEST part so far!

Little Jack-jack turned two this week! I can’t believe it. He is just 5 months ahead of Noo. He is so handsome and charming! He shares a very close birthday with his cousin on his mama’s side, Amelia- so they shared their big day. Amelia is precious and sweet with a spunky personality! The “little man and little lady” theme sums these two up perfectly. My sis-in-law needed invitations, a banner and some photo booth props. All things I love to make…especially for this dashing dude and sassy beauty!

Mustaches and lips made the perfect photo booth accessories. A little glitter, glue and card stock did the trick!

Happy Birthday Jack & Amelia!

Japanese washi tape is one of my favorite mediums. I’m so lucky to have a wonderful client who is equally in love with it! These were some of the sketches for her formal navy and gold save the dates.

Striped gold washi tape with semi-formal typography.

Patterned tape and a romantic layout.

A “trolley ticket” themed save the date. This is eventually the one she decided upon. We used a lace washi tape instead, which I think looks super vintage and goes wonderfully with this old world trolley ticket idea. We used a bold gill sans for the “september” and the “14” so that the date was clear. I think it came out great! Definitely a collaborative piece that I am so proud to add to my portfolio.

PS: Be on the look out for many more aspects of the design from this wedding. Jewel and I make a great team and are loving the creative process!

Here’s a quick synopsis of some of the fun we’ve had the past few weeks…

Noo arriving at cousin Chelsea and Abby’s house! She came ready to play!

The newest little babe in our lives. Beautiful and sweet Abby!

A silly shot was grabbed during an attempted photo shoot. Nothing is more hilarious than trying to get two very silly girls to sit still and smile!

Hard at work creating art…

They were thrilled to discover they could push each other around in this baby stroller! This was about 5 minutes before they began running laps around the house with Lars and Uncle Andy. Nothing like a game of tag to wear two girls out…and their daddies!

Thank goodness that one of our Bethlehem favorites, Ashley, snapped this shot. Unfortunately, our camera remained stowed in Noo’s stroller the whole time! That’s what happens when you are having a blast catching up. Our second home, Confetti Cafe was where we spent most of our visit. Noo ran up and down the isle and ate some delicious fixings! We went way too long without seeing our dear friends! We won’t let that happen again!

Noo and Ash! Kindred spirits!

After such a fantastic yet exhausting two weeks of visiting and partying, you would think we would want to get back to life as usual, right?…not the Lars family. When we arrived home Sunday morning, we were all tired and ready to spend the rest of the beautiful day outside doing yard work and playing. Instead, we spent the day hanging out with and eventually adopting these guys…

Welcome to the family Fred & George Weasley! Two twin- 6 month old dachshunds. After meeting these two, we simple could not split them up. They are synchronized in everything they do. Cordelia is slowly accepting them as her bros, as we have explained to her she has no other choice. šŸ˜‰ Every now and then I catch her jumping into a serious play-sesh! These two are hilarious and sweet. Noo calls them “my boys”. Needless to say, this week has been spent getting our new friends acclimated to their home. We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful week to do dog training!

Life is certainly interesting these days! I hope you are all enjoying your own adventures! As always, thanks for following!

*PS: We are already planning Fred, George and Cordy’s group Halloween costume. We’re thinking Hermione-Harry-Ron OR Bella-Jacob-Edward…possibilities are endless!

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