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A Birthday Carnival & A Tutu-Cute PhotoShoot

This past weekend was the annual elementary school winter carnival at TamTam’s school. It also happened to be the weekend for Bianca & Ri’s co-birthday bash. TT thought of the wonderful idea of combining the two events. Bianca has yet to miss a single day of kindergarten, so there was no way she was going to miss the carnival…not even for her own party! The PTA at Bianca and TamTam’s school loved the idea. Trish prepaid for 10 tickets per child invited as well as a hotdog and chips per kiddo. It was a wonderful way to support the school and have a BLAST! I threw together some invitations for Bianca to hand out at school. Tricia was going to include the tickets in the envelope, but we realized that if one of the children didn’t come to the carnival, those tickets would be wasted. So, this was our solution…

I think they came out so cute! The parents could just tear off the “ticket” and bring it with them. I think the ticket idea really drove home the “carnival” theme too!

The 10 included tickets served as a great little party favor. If you are wondering why Ri’s name doesn’t appear on the invite, Trish didn’t want the parents of Bianca’s classmates to feel pressured to bring gifts at all – let alone one for each sister. No feelings were hurt. Ri was so excited about the potential for Panda Bear cake pops, that she never even noticed the invitation incident.

Their little birthday carnival banner…not a great shot. But you get the idea!

We set up in the Pre-K classroom. At noon we had lunch and cake. The kids in Bianca’s class were so cute, as that was their classroom last year. They buzzed around playing with their old toys and reminisced about the good old days…oh to be 5 again. 6 year olds have so many more responsibilities.

The infamous cake pops. Bianca and Ri put their requests in last summer when Lars bought me the cake pops book. I knew I was in trouble when Ri flipped through the pages and screeched…”Ahhhh!!! Look at the baby pandas! I NEED them!” So Ri got pandas and Bianca got clowns. Bianca had chosen a much more fitting character. I think both creations turned out rather creepy! The pandas had zombie eyes and the clowns kept loosing their licorice hair. Nothing is scarier than a bald clown.

TamTam bought me this stand a few months back and I finally got to use it. I had leftover scraps from the birthday banner that fit perfectly. I could only handle 10 of each (panda and clown). The rest were simple, but cute in their little mini cupcake liners. The kids who weren’t scared of them really enjoyed these pops!

Blowing out the candles…I can’t believe they aren’t babies anymore. Lars had been talking about ice cream cake for a week prior to this party. We were constantly in a debate over the fact that ice cream cake is not an acceptable non-celebratory purchase. You should have seen his eyes light up when this beauty was pulled from the freezer.

My two loves…obviously Noo was asleep in the car before we even left the parking lot.

It was a perfect party for two fun loving girls! The kids played and ate and played some more! Baby Austin hung out, asleep, in his baby wrap the entire time. He is getting so big. Ugh, before we know it- we will be celebrating his birthday. He is one lucky little man to have two such adoring and sweet sisters. And Noo is lucky to have so many fabulous cousins. Including the newest, Abigail Marie! Born just yesterday. She and Bianca share the day now! Between mine and Lars’ families, Noo will never need non-related friends!

With all of the beautiful weather we have had this past month, Noo and I have enjoyed much outdoor time during our days together. After being an apartment dweller for so long, you realize what an absolute blessing a yard is. I know the fun we have had in it so far is just the beginning!

Noo put together this ensemble. She looooves dressing up! The dress is getting a little snug, but she doesn’t seem to care. It was a donation from cousin Chelsea, which makes it extra special.

Don’t let the tutu fool you, she can play ball…

Every girl has this Marilyn moment at some point. At least hers came when she still wears onesies!

She is really into watering the plants…and herself.

It’s seriously hard work. Good thing she’s so tough.

When she is outside, she wants to do everything she sees daddy do. Water the plants, work in the shed, check on the compost. I am hoping she will do my share of the yard work for me this Spring! Just ask TamTam about my feelings on the topic of weeding…

YES, Nola!  That IS how mommy feels about weeding!

I hope the rest of you are enjoying our mild winter! I know, I know snow can be nice. However, Lars and I have been enjoying a snow free winter since moving back to DE. Noo would enjoy it though! Too bad she can’t remember her first Winter…there was plenty of snow for everyone!

We have so much to look forward to this Spring. Of course my “house projects” list is always growing. Lars is so antsy to garden that I can barely keep him from going to Lowes daily. LarsLove is continuing to gain new creative clients, and the current ones are happy which is the BEST feeling ever! I keep thinking back to when I started this blog. It seems like so long ago. I can remember sitting at the computer, Noo nursing while I tried to type. She was just 4 weeks old. Our lives were so different then. This has been a huge year for the Lars family and we are feeling more blessed than ever. I send all of my love to YOU, my supportive and inspiring readers. Thank you for your comments, encouragement and kindness. I cannot begin tell you what it means to me. Wishing all of you a fabulous Spring!


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7 thoughts on “A Birthday Carnival & A Tutu-Cute PhotoShoot

  1. Oh my goodness…I couldn’t stop laughing at your clown and panda cake pop comments!!! Too funny, but they still turned out cute! (though I have to agree that bald clowns and scary eyed panda’s are a little creepy!) 🙂

    What adorable pics of your little girl!! Love the Marilyn shot! 🙂

    Oh, and that invite is just perfect!! How did you do the perforated part?

    • haha! scariest edible treats ever!
      I did the trim with the Martha Stewart Punch Around the Page Kit in Scalloped Dots. I also have Eyelet Lace…they are seriously my new obsession!

      • oh and the perforation was kind of “faux”. I just placed a dotted line when i was designing them, then used the punch around the page, then folded at the dotted line.

  2. Adorable! Fabulous photos, and such a fun carnival theme!

  3. Tam Tam on said:

    Adorable! Was Nola growling at you in that last pic??? 8-D

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