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Mustache Bash

When I heard from an old friend that she needed help designing a surprise mustache bash for her boyfriend, I was beyond thrilled. I always have this “thought box” filled with different party themes that I would love to try someday. The trouble is coming up with a reason to throw a party for each and every one of those ideas! The Mustache Bash definitely falls into the category of trends I have been dying to work on. So I jumped at the chance!
Between the two of us, my client and I had a million awesome ideas on where to go with this fun vintage vibe. Luckily, she had a rather small venue to decorate. I find that the smaller the venue, the easier it is to engulf it in your selected style. This particular party took place in Philly, with the decorations being displayed on a party bus. The bus would be transporting the guests from DE to Philly for a night out on the town with the birthday guy. This party theme certainly had them riding in style. I created invitations, water bottle wraps, wine bottle labels, guest name tags and photo props. It seems these days no party is complete without some version of a photo booth. What better way to remember a night of celebrating, than with a stack of hilarious pics? So check out this mustache bash package that was sure to have the Philly bound party bus traveling to another time…

The Invitations: The colors were navy, black and touches of lime. I LOVE lime. It is one of those colors that somehow completely yet unexpectedly complements everything. I also love vintage fonts. I used several for this project. They really pushed the theme to a new level, adding a 20’s circus feel.

*excuse the blurred out info. That’s me trying not to display the client’s address. Hopefully I get better at it!

Close-up: Like the play on words? I created mini mustache stickers to enclose each envelope. Who needs your gold crown, Hallmark? 😉

The Decoration Package: 12 mustache props, 50 water labels, 10 wine labels, 20 name tags, 1 name tag for the guest of honor that I threw in at the last minute. All labels and name tags were printed on sticker paper for ease when setting up. Hopefully that helped my client pull off this super surprise party!

Each name tag had a space for the guest to write their name, along with a mini mustache. Then one special guest of honor name tag with the word play.

Wine Bottle Labels

Water Bottle Labels. Wet your whiskers…heh heh

These were fun! Definitely something easy to make for your own parties. Cardstock, hot glue and wood sticks- that’s all you need! After a few different attempts, I found that hot glue was the way to go. It dries fast and creates a much more professional look without all the wrinkles you get from Elmers. The most difficult part was cutting out some of the more intricate mustaches, but it was so worth it because those are my favorite!

All packed up and ready for delivery…

I know the invitations were a big hit, and I hope these decorations added a special flare to the main event! I was definitely inspired by all of the creations for this party, and working on everything has surely added to my repertoire.

Now…I must harness my mustache making skills and use them to create yo gabba gabba caricatures for Noo’s second birthday photo booth!

Well I hate to go, but I really mustache!

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One thought on “Mustache Bash

  1. I LOVE this design! Is it available as a PDF printable? email me please!

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