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A Celebration of Love

Valentine’s Day has always been one of my favorite fake holidays. I guess when you are surrounded by a lot of real love, you don’t care how fake the holiday is! Valentine’s Day is also special to my family because my parents celebrate their anniversary just a few days before. This year they are celebrating a beautiful 33 years. I said this in my speech at my rehearsal dinner a few years ago and I will say it again now…No where is there a better example of true, unconditional love than what is present between TamTam and JJ. They have shown me, and continue to show me, that love is a work of heart. It is not always effortless, but what you put into it is what you get out. The love they have for each other through the good and the bad is present in everything they touch. Their home, their work, their always-growing family…all of it is evidence of their never ending support and passion for each other. When I look back on my childhood, I am flooded with memories of laughs, love and fun and this is 100% because of the love my parents surrounded us with.Β  In 33 years I hope to be as successful in love and life as they are, surrounded by a beautiful family that, without them, would simply not exist.

Enough of my sappy rant! Tricia and I decided to throw An Anniversary Event for mom and dad. With the timing being so close to Valentine’s Day, we were antsy to decorate with all that is pink and red…and of course eat lots of candy hearts. So this Celebration of Love was born! With JJ’s help, we kept it a surprise for TamTam. She thought they were going out to dinner for a romantic evening. Bahahahaha! Surprise TT, instead you were going to a house full of sugared up kids! Check it out:

Not bad for deciding on a Monday to have a party on Friday!

I made this photo banner using adorable free frame clip art from a fellow blogger, Sweetly Scrapped. I have always loved the pictures from my parents’ wedding, especially my dad’s awesome blue suit. πŸ˜‰

We had all sorts of candy and Valentine Bingo. You could tell TamTam has a long history in the teaching world when she saw the bingo boards and immediately said, “we can use the smarties as our bingo chips”. It was super cute.

The “kiddie table” for little Noo and her cousin, Jack!

The beverage station. Relax for TamTam and Jim Beam & Coke for JJ. After all, it was still technically happy hour! Featured is more awesome free art from Sweetly Scrapped’s blog.

The little cups. They say it all…

Tricia helping in the kitchen. Yes, that is her 6 week old little man in the wrap. She is pretty much my hero…

Between the excitement of the three other “big girls” giggling as we got ready to surprise TamTam and Noo actually seeing TamTam…she was freaking out. She loves her Mimi and Poppy! πŸ™‚

“I’m ready to paaaaaaarty!”- in the voice of Kristen Wigg in Bridesmaids…

Poppy and Jack-jack playing Bingo!

The Dudes…bonding. You can also see on the bottom right, the spread we had for chocolate fondue following our meal of beef brisket sandwiches and salad. Yummy!

Noo with the oldest, and wisest cousin! She loves her!

This photo pretty much sums up Noo’s roll as the pesky little cousin who bugs you while you are trying to hang out with your gal pals. haha! I think she had just finished trying to rip the blanket off them while they were watching Snow White.

She moved on to Uncle Aus who was happy to read her a story…

And of course, Mimi taking part in her favorite past time…reading! Much better than a romantic meal out, right TamTam? πŸ˜‰

We had an absolute blast surprising TamTam. We couldn’t have pulled it off without Dad’s clever super slick sneaking around. We love you guys and are so proud to help you celebrate 33 years of love and happiness! Here’s to SO SO many more! You make us this happy:

Happy Valentine’s Day All!!!


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4 thoughts on “A Celebration of Love

  1. I am absolutely loving this story! So SWEET!!

  2. Such a fun party, Lynsey! What a wonderful way to celebrate Valentine’s and an anniversary! Congrats to your parents for a beautiful 33 years together!! Love that photo banner…so cute!

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