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I have been working on all different aspects of my business lately. From designing to PR, I have been making changes and progress! Although I am still working on convincing my sister to be my official business manager. She is so amazingly sharp and business savvy (no, that’s not just me buttering her up). I know the two of us would make an amazing team, I mean we did share the womb for nine long months, not to mention 18 years of co-existing under the same roof without killing each other! 😉

Today I want to share with you a few updates and changes that have happened to LarsLove. I was very excited to see that Dave and Ashlene’s beautiful August wedding was featured on a wedding blog. This was so well deserved, as the day seriously was out of this world and fabulous. An added bonus was LarsLove being mentioned in the credits of the article! Check it out!

A Vibrant Blue Wedding


As this credit was linked to my etsy shop, I decided that page needed some serious updating…as I had nothing for sale! I love etsy, but sometimes I find it hard for me to actually post items for sale when my art is primarily in completely customized wedding invitations and stationery. So I decided to fittingly list Dave and Ashlene’s eco-friendly invitation for sale. Using the wildflower seeded paper for their stationery, allowed me to price it out for future customers. While the design itself is meant to be customized, I was finally able to put a price per invitation on the set using such a specific product. I have seen a few other etsy sellers posting items made with the wildflower paper, but I am excited as there are not as many of us designers offering that product.

As most of you see here on my blog, I don’t just design stationery for weddings. I often try my hand at other home-made projects. If you remember Noo’s Woodland Wonder Birthday Bash, then you have seen the birthday banner I created for her. This banner has become a huge design point in her current bedroom, and I am really proud of it. So, I decided to list it for sale as well! Of course, not Noo’s actual banner. 😉 Now available from LarsLove, are customized party banners. What I really like about them is that they are more than just a party decoration. They are a gift that your guest of honor can cherish for much longer than the few hours of their celebration.

I plan on adding more listings to my shop as well. Some of these additions will include party hats (from baby Austin’s shower), embossed note cards and other odds and ends.

Thank you for your continued support of my growing business! It truly has been such a joy to create everything that I have so far. I continue to gain amazing clients who are so wonderful and creative themselves. It makes my job so easy! Be on the look out, this Spring is going to be full of postings of my latest creations and invitations.


PS: I heard they are changing January to June-uary.




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2 thoughts on “LarsLove Lately

  1. Beautiful lovely wedding. I loved all the designs and eco-friendly is just the icing on the cake.

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