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How Do You Wrap?

This year in the Lars house, funds were low BUT creativity was high! I believe that presentation is everything when it comes to Christmas gifts. I was feeling really inspired by brown paper and bakers twine after making our ornament Christmas cards, so that is just what I used to wrap our gifts this year. I spent Christmas Eve (day) wrapping up our gifts for both sides of our family.

I found adorable glittery tree ornaments on sale for $2 (for a pack of 12) earlier this season. I thought they made perfect additions to the wrapping, and they are like a little extra gift!

The men in my life are always difficult to shop for. They seem to be so low maintenance with very few “wants”. So I think a great gift is a unique beer or a nice bottle of liquor. Not a drinker? Try creating a snack ensemble. I bought some awesome Archers Farm cookies, crackers and salsa to give to my in-laws. Sure they could have bought that themselves, but sometimes it is nice to get a unique snack that you can enjoy through the holidays. Lars usually makes batches upon batches of cookies, but this year we were slightly preoccupied. 😉 The boxes and jars that most food items come in are super easy and beautiful to wrap too!

The ladies all got homemade stationary. Owls for TamTam and my mom-in-law, and variations of birds for my grandmother. I ordered Kraft note cards and envelopes from one of my favorite etsy sellers, Green Earth Supplies (the same seller I purchased Dave and Ashlene’s wedding invitation envelopes from). I simply embossed each card with a cute little creature. Embossing is actually super easy. You just need your favorite stamp, an embossing ink pad, embossing powder and a heat source (I use a really tiny blow drier). Side Note: I actually discovered that you don’t have to use embossing ink if you don’t have it. You can use any color ink you want as long as it is well inked and you are okay with there being a little color in you design. You will notice that the owls have a little pink in them.

PS: The adorable little heart tags were some that Jennifer from Green Earth Goodies sent me…free of charge with my note cards because she’s awesome. You see the advantages of supporting etsy artists? Love it and LOVE her!

Lastly I have to share what we got the little kids! They are all a variety of ages, so I wanted to get something that would be pretty universal as far as age appropriateness. From Rhonda at BizzyBunz (etsy), I ordered handmade crayon totes, each with their own theme. Of course they needed crayons and a coloring book to go with, so Lars found a hilarious PDF on etsy from KellyStokes. It is a PDF for a twenty page “robots learn about christmas” coloring book. Hilarious. We are forever pushing our weird interests on these kids!

We had such a fabulous holiday with our family. We gave things that truly came from our hearts, and I can say the same for the gifts we received. The best part about all the little ones in our lives now, is sharing with them and watching them as they unwrap. The addition of all of our babies has really changed the way we do Christmas gifts. No more buying just to buy or unnecessary spending. Everything we exchanged was truly thought out and meaningful. And the time we spent with everyone was priceless. I know that year after year we are going to build even more memories, especially as our families grow! It’s already happening. Little Austin was born 3 days before Christmas and Lars’ sister is due with their second little girl in March. Sometimes it’s hard to believe how lucky we are.

Enough of my gushing, I want to know how you wrap! I am already looking for ideas for next year. Do you go over the top wrapping your gifts with ribbons and bows, or do you simplify? I have seen some pretty crazy creations on the web and in magazines. I’m thinking a nature theme next year? Twigs and evergreen? Who knows! I would like to make a special note here that all of Noo’s gifts at our house came unwrapped, because…you know, Santa doesn’t wrap…and mom and dad were lazy. 😉 Until next time!


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2 thoughts on “How Do You Wrap?

  1. ashlene on said:

    You are sooooo talented (and lovely to boot)!!! These are great.

  2. Tam Tam on said:

    As a recipient of one of this preciously wrapped packages – I must say every word is true!

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