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A Baby Brother Brunch

Baby Austin has a lot to look forward to upon his entry to this world! He has two beautiful, smart, funny big sisters to help him navigate this life. We chose to celebrate his inevitable arrival by throwing a Baby Brother Brunch! Baby Austin’s room decor and theme is a quirky combo of vintage sock monkeys and race cars, with a color pallet of ivory, brown and red. This is a far cry from the princess pink that my sister is used to working with! Needless to say, this little man is bringing a refreshing twist into this loveable family.

Per usual, after your first child, baby showers become a little more low key…and so coined was the term “sprinkle”. This is why we chose to have brunch on what turned out to be a gorgeous Sunday afternoon. This is how it all turned out!

Sock Monkeys EVERYWHERE! This adorable banner was a PDF I ordered from an awesome etsy seller. I strung it with twine and hung it between to red candles at the fireplace. As part of his gifts, TamTam purchased all sorts of sock monkey toys that were super fun to decorate with. I didn’t want the race car theme to be forgotten so I cut out a Styrofoam “A”, covered it in a funky vintage fabric and adhered toy cars to it. I attached it to a wide brown ribbon for hanging. We kept the pictures of all the “babies” up on the mantle because what goes better with a baby shower than babies?! I love the tribute to all the darlings in our family! We threw some teal in here and there as an accent color too.

Who doesn’t love balloons?

This was my gift to the little family. I got a great deal on this distressed frame from A.C.Moore. I covered a piece of thick board with this fabric that TamTam already had, she’s the best. I printed out some of my favorite pictures of little Austin’s big sisters. My idea behind this was to have a place for the girls to leave messages or art work for their “little man”, as they call him, to see as he grows. They can use pushpins (with mommy’s help of course) to post anything they want! I got them started with a few sock monkeys. 🙂

Of course the girls needed special “big sister” hats to wear at their party! The entry way table was adorned with these and some special singing sock monkeys for the girls to see when they first walked into their celebration. And also a neat little race car for the little guy.

Party hats for the rest of the kiddos (or grown-ups).  After realizing how easy these were to make, I can’t imagine having another kid inspired party without them. 8.5×11 card stock (patterned or plain and then print a pattern on them), a template which you kind find on tons of party sites, some ribbon and hot glue…DONE!

The favor table/candy bar. Lots of treats for the little ones to take home in their popcorn bags.

The Spread! Since this was a kid friendly party, the main buffet consisted of “mini” everything. A mini-waffle bar with all sorts of toppings. Mini muffins and do-nuts. My personal favorite, mini chocolate milk. And the center-piece, cake pops. At the other table we had more appetite satisfying foods in the crock-pots, a southwest egg casserole and french toast casserole…YUM! Also, not pictured is the mimosa and bloody mary bar. 😉

The cake pops. These are so delicious, it’s ridiculous. I like these because, while they are pretty labor intensive, you can do them during the week before a weekend party. If these are something you want to try, Bakerella has a great book with all sorts of recipe and decorating ideas. Not to mention the zillions of websites on the topic. I hadn’t really thought of a way to display them, which is an issue as they are on sticks! TamTam has this mirrored decoration with the three glass bowls that she often fills with seasonal decor. We put a Styrofoam ball in each bowl with some tissue paper, then placed teal button around them. EASY! Guaranteed if you start looking around at household items and decorations you already have, you can find a great way to display cake pops.

A closer look at the mini-chocolate milks. We had these tiny toasting glasses from my ’09 bridal shower. They were perfect for the little ones because they were plastic instead of glass. At first I wasn’t sure if anyone would partake in these shots, but next thing I knew, the kids were going back for seconds and thirds…probably because the glasses were so small! Ha.

The beautiful family! They even coordinated their outfits for the party!

They can’t wait to meet their baby brother!

Mmmmmm…nourish that baby! I could lie and tell you she ate that whole jar of Nutella, but then she would be even more mad than she will be when she sees this picture! Love you sister!

The big sisters. What a lucky baby boy!

I would just like to say that, despite the annoyed look on his face, he was a willing participant when it came to wearing the hat!

Love my sister! I had such a blast throwing you and your beautiful family this party. Thanks for indulging me! The Larsons can’t wait to hang with the new little dude.

At the last minute we put out the bounce house. Who would have expected 60 degree weather in late November! This was the moment when little Noo fell in love. She is now completely obsessed with the “bouncy bounce”, which now lives in our basement. She spent the rest of that party crying because she wanted everyone to get back in it! Crazy little squirrel…


We are all moved in to our new home! We love it so much, even more we love that after 3 weeks of moving and unpacking, normal life can return!

It was a bitter-sweet moment on Thanksgiving day when we left TamTam and JJ’s to head back to “our house” for the first time. We had so much fun living with them these past few months, and NO I’m not just saying that! We lived in a house full of love, crock-pot meals, friday night happy hours, yo gabba gabba dance parties, and craziness! Noo went from a crawling 11month old to a walking, talking big girl. It is definitely a time in our lives that we will never forget.

Now I finally took a break from rearranging the furniture for the 90th time to blog. This one was the first of many to come. With the holiday season, all sorts of design projects and the new home; there is a lot of blog inspiration!

Be on the look out for:

Lauren’s Rehearsal Dinner Invitation – Our First Home – The Larson Family Christmas Card and FAILED Photo Session – Thanksgiving Festivities – and many many more!

Lastly, happy 27th birthday to Lars! We had a wonderful date night that ended with cake and drinks with family. I also managed to surprise Lars with a 46inch flat screen, which he is currently enjoying via his Batman game…doesn’t he know he has a “to do” list? Ooooooooh, Lars!

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3 thoughts on “A Baby Brother Brunch

  1. So cute! Love the party hats and cake pops!! Great job on the party!! 🙂

  2. Nicely done and such a cute idea! I love the cake pops too!
    Debbie-Party Patisserie

  3. Tam Tam on said:

    I am utterly captivated by my beautiful daughter’s writing. I love seeing our family events/get togethers on LarsLove Blog. Lynsey, I am so proud to be your mother! You make my heart sing! 😎

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