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You can’t spell Halloween without O-W-L!

Knowing that there are a million adorable Halloween costumes out there to purchase, I felt an urgency to take advantage of the fact that Noo is still unaware of the existence of such goods. I’m sure by the time she is 4 or 5, she will be begging me for the latest Target version of her favorite disney princess costume, but for now (while she still seems oblivious to it all) I took full crazy-silly-crafty-mom advantage of the holiday and all its glory! So here she is, our little hoot owl:

I cut a piece of fabric in the shape of an oval x2. I glued tiny feather’s (also cut from fabric and felt) onto the ovals. Then I glued the finished ovals to the arms of a $4 brown hoodie. This process (cutting tiny feathers from fabric) could have been tedious if you need lots of them BUT it helped that my little owl is particularly petite and her sleeves only allowed for so many feathers.

Her tail was a piece of white batting that I cut into a triangle. I layered two pieces of fabric (the same used for the feathers) on top and attached it to a pin. I only pinned the tail on her polka-dot onesie when she wasn’t going to be sitting…for obvious reasons. 😉 But it looked SUPER cute as she was running away from us!

The owl hat was really the inspiration for it all. It was a gift from Lars’ Aunt last year. She wore it all winter, and we just love it. It is just now starting to get a little snug, but we still managed for the sake of the costume!

Noo with her cousins. Probably driving them all crazy!

A true owl knows how to fly…

And dunk…

She ran around like a maniac, somehow never loosing her grip on that lollipop.

Her “you can’t catch me” face…

Lots of Halloween events allowed for lots of owl sightings this year! We had a blast. Can’t wait to come up with something for next year! A squirrel perhaps? Cordelia (the dog) could be an acorn…

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