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A wedding, reunion and road trip all wrapped into one!

Last weekend we celebrated a very special event! Our darling friends from college, Katie and Matt, were married! Whoop whoop! On Saturday morning, the Lars family traveled to NJ. By car? Nope. Train? Nope. By a hotel on wheels? YES! Thanks to the ever so thoughtful TamTam and JJ (mimi and poppy to Noo) we road in style. RV style that is! My parents have enjoyed their RV over the years. Traveling to Maine, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and everywhere in between. They love that mean machine so much that they named her “Louise”. JJ is always up for a good road trip and a reason to give Louise a little exercise. Plus- thanks to TamTam’s genius idea, they were able to watch Noo for us during the reception! It was a win win for everyone. Well maybe not as much for TamTam, since she now has the same four episodes of Yo Gabba Gabba memorized…

Once we arrived in NJ, we found a place to park our residence and Lars, Noo and I headed over to the ADORABLE church for the ceremony. Noo is not exactly that into sitting still, for more than 5 minutes, with no toys… what she would have really liked is if I would have let her down so that she could run down the isle. As cute as she was in her little black dress and pink shoes (courtesy of the Gap Outlet!), I didn’t think Katie, Matt or any of the friends and family would have appreciated her toddling down the isle and yanking on the bride’s beautiful floor length veil. Needless to say, she was very anxious to “be all done” with the ceremony. It was a beautiful production which I got the pleasure of enjoying solo (a rarity), while Lars chased Noo around the lobby in an attempt to keep her out of the holy water. She had already had a bath that day.

Here we are after the ceremony. That’s the relief on my face that we made it through without ruining/screaming during the vows. Whew! And that’s Noo, trying to escape from my clutches…muahahahaha!

Noo with her Moravian Aunties, awaiting the beautiful bride!


Noo with the two tubes of bubbles that she snatched from the basket.

This is about when we left Noo in the RV with TamTam and JJ…and Yo Gabba Gabba. Yes, I am that mom who brought her parents with her, in their RV, 100 yards from the reception, available at a moments notice. Yes that’s me. I’m not ashamed! It helps that my friends know me so well that they expect nothing less of this “helicopter mom”.

Here I am with my beauties. Too many memories to count.

Table number 5. Not rowdy or obnoxious at all…no…never.

The Newlyweds! Love everything about them!

Get your hands up!

Yes, we were singing to each other. I hadn’t seen my very best since early summer, she just got back from London!

Getting down with the bride!

My main man. This is pretty much the only picture of him since he was such a great photographer all night! Love you Lars!

We had an absolute blast celebrating with Katie, Matt, and all our friends. We got back to the RV to find Noo in TamTam’s lap, watching…can you guess?…Yo Gabba Gabba!


So, like most adults, Lars and my idea of a good time is dancing the night away and celebrating with awesome company. Want to know Noo’s secret to a  smashing evening?

Squeeze yourself into a soup pot…

And sit there. Pleased…

Noo Noo Stew!!! Love it!

On that note, go find yourself a soup pot and just try to have as much fun as that girl!



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