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Lately the Lars family has been CRAZY! New jobs, home purchases, etc. I find it hard to make time to do any extra designing on top of my usual work load, but I couldn’t resist all the adorable Autumn/Halloween digital designs that I have seen as of late. So I gathered any free downloads and a few etsy purchases and created my Halloween Folder on my desktop. I had been dying to use it all when TamTam decided to throw a little Fall Friday Family dinner. I went to town printing and trimming and designing…hence the lack of ink on my Dad’s printer. Whoops! All for the cause Dad. 😉

Little Noo, her cous (Ri-ri) and I worked all day Friday to set the stage for our family fun night. Here are the results:

For signage, I used free printables from I used double sided tape and glued them to popsicle sticks. They look great in flower arrangements or candy jars. Totally durable enough to work for next year too!

Lars had sent me beautiful flowers the week before. They were on their way out, but I managed to salvage a few for these mini-vase arrangements. The vase is a tin soup can (I have loved using them for vases and decorations since my wedding). I printed the wrap designs from parents magazine website. Also, FREE! I loved the graphic nature of the design. Very festive, but classy!

No Friday-after-work party is complete without a bar!

TamTam has an awesome selection of glassware. I have always loved these green tinted goblets! They are PERFECT for any spooky soiree! I used these straw tags around the stems of the glasses. If you are having a bigger party, you could write your guests names on the tags before attaching them. Love!

These were some of the digitals I purchased from Just little decorative rounds. I attached them to these doilies for a finishing touch. I love using doilies in any theme. You can just toss them on a buffet setting or around your seated tables, they add a cute vintage feel.

These are more of the tin cans wrapped in free printables from parents magazine. I doubled these up, because they were meant for 8oz cans and I had 10oz (soup cans). I love the layered look though! At our family functions, we never really having seating. My parents have the large kitchen island and the huge dining room table. It is all open concept, so it just works to have utensils available to grab and go! Plus, with 5 (almost 6) little ones in the group…you never know where you are going to end up sitting!

The bar…love TamTam’s glowing pumpkin. Her latest discovery is the battery tea lights. So nice to have that haunting glow without worrying about a real flame!


We had a blast that night. French onion soup, chicken and dumplings, caramel apples and GREAT company. Who could ask for more? It is magical to watch the 5 kiddos run around together. They have so much fun, and everyone leaves exhausted. I love watching them grow and learn from each other!


Updates and future posts:

After so much hard work, Lars got his DREAM job. He is the Research Analyst for the Department of Institutional Research at the local college. We bought a beautiful 80 year old home. We close on the 8th! My sister is about to pop with Baby Boy Austin so there is a very cute Sock Monkey and Race Car themed baby shower coming up. My sister-in-law was just named the Teacher of the Year for the ENTIRE State of Delaware. We are throwing her a “proud as a peacock” bash in November. The best part about designing invitations and events is having AWESOME reasons to celebrate and create!

I just finished up a rehearsal dinner package, to be posted soon. I am also working on branding for my super talented brother-in-law’s company, Sound Traveler Productions.

So there is tons going on, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Happy Fall Ya’ll!


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