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A Wedding Weekend Whirlwind

What an adventure! Little Noo, Lars and I packed our things and headed off to Canada on the 17th. “For what?”, you might ask. None other than the fabulous nuptials of Noo’s Auntie Ashlene and Uncle Dave. We hit the road at midnight (1AM after I sneakily set Lars’ alarm back an hour). Noo went right back to sleep like a little angel, and it was pretty much smooth sailing! We stopped in the morning at Niagara Falls for a little family picnic. Neither Noo nor I had ever been there!

Not too close to the rail, Lars!

Noo was getting a little friendly with the wildlife. I think she thought this was her long lost relative…she is our little squirrel after all!

This man showed up at about 11am with his lawn chair and bags of nuts and seeds. Upon his first whistled tune, flocks of birds surrounded him. The cardinal pictured, stayed in his hands for more than 10 minutes. I was thoroughly awestruck and in love, as you all know of my adoration of all things woodland. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any cuter, I looked into the distant shrubs and trees to see at least a dozen squirrels bounding our way. I asked the man about what he was doing, and he said he did this daily. At approximately 11am every morning, he shows up with feed and whistles. In no time he is the subject of a full on Dr.Doo-little frenzy. I mean really…how cute.

After our little break, we hopped back in the car to cross the border. When we arrived, it was nap and pool time! The hotel was beyond accommodating and our room was wonderful. Thank you, Guelph Best Western. The party had officially begun!

Not particularly helpful in the unpacking department, but definitely cute…

The Princess Wheels were our official form of transportation for the weekend…duh.

Taking a little dip with the cousin…I just had a flash forward of 20 years from now…these two, poolside, same sunglasses, margaritas in hand. AH!

We took over the lobby, obvi! Hanging out with Uncle Matt, eating a fake bisquit!

Lars’ big part! Handing of the rings. Good thing he practiced…grace is not his middle name.

At the rehearsal dinner. Whew! Bright colors!

Alright…you caught me, I stole Noo’s hair clip. She wouldn’t wear it! It was going to waste! I mean really, does she look like she was upset about it? I guess she wanted to trade for the necklace. You have to be able to talk in order to negotiate. 😉

She matched Granny! Love!

Noo and Lars before the ceremony. Notice the headband, still intact… it quickly became a sling-shot for her enjoyment.

My princess! My mom customized this adorable party dress with all the teal accents. The teal fabric was courtesy of Auntie Ashlene!

The beautiful bride and groom!

Quick family shot.

And then began the dancing…

What can I say? She likes to get down just like her mama!

I heard they are naming this move The Noo…

And then there was a dance battle!!!

Before we knew it, it was time for pj’s and kisses!

Of course, a proper lady never forgets to sign the guest book…

Dave and Ashlene’s wedding day and all events leading up to it were perfect! We had so much fun. It was truly a wonderful affair. When we got home and settled back in, Noo looked at us like, “so-what are you two going to do to entertain me now?”

There are more details and pictures to come of the rest of the wedding day decorations and preparations! Be on the look out!

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2 thoughts on “A Wedding Weekend Whirlwind

  1. My back is still sore from all the dancing!!

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