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Summer sunshine inspires new designs!

Hello old friends! It has been a while, hasn’t it? Over a month, to be exact. Well, don’t worry. I have been plenty busy. Between the move from Bethlehem to Delaware, Lars’ life/job change, Noo-noo’s approaching first birthday…I have been doing some design work too! Some projects have been completed, and others just beginning. Check them out:


Mary & Greg’s Wedding Invitation Package- Printed by MinuteMan Press of Bethlehem on GORGEOUS linen paper. Their colors are eggplant and gold, beautiful for a fall wedding.

We made excellent use out of the paper by printing hotel information and booking instructions on the back of the reception card. Everything about this wedding package is very traditional, which made it a change from my usual modern style. It was a very refreshing project to work on! Also, for any of you brides-to-be out there. A clever tip from this bride, Mary: Put an email line on your reply card for any email updates or additional information! Such a good idea, and a great way to save extra paper by sending additional info to your guests electronically. Mary was so happy to get these in the mail, and I think they came out great! Thanks to MinuteMan Press as well.


Joey and Meag’s Baby Boy Birth Announcement: Since working on these for our dear friends, the little man has made his entry into the world! Now all that’s left to do is narrow down some design details, add his pic (you will notice that the baby picture is little noo hehe) and enter his info! Meag and Joey are high school sweethearts just like Lars and me. We go WAY back with them. We were so excited when they got pregnant, and now there is a very handsome and sweet little boy in the world for Noo to date one day! Does it get any better than that? Lars and Joey are equally nerdy with an affinity for aliens, monsters, rocket ships, robots, etc. So this project produced more than a few ideas! Here are some of the initial creations:




A Birthday Cocktail: My mom-in-law, Sherry, commissioned me for a birthday card for one of her closest girlfriends. It had to be extra special, as it was for a fiftieth! I was told some of her favorite things which included martinis and the color pink. Clearly we have some things in common…so I went to work! Love how it turned out. I LOVE typography. It looked great printed on cream card stock. Eat your heart out Hallmark!

Lastly, my masterpiece. A work of art for my favorite client of all…little Noo. With her birthday right around the corner, I want everything about her party and her big day to be magical. She won’t remember it, but you better believe I will be showing her pictures one day saying, “Look what mommy made for you!” Do I remember the giant castle my dad made for my sister and me for our 4th birthday party themed “The Paper Bag Princess”? Heck no! BUT I have been shown the fantastic picture that ended up in our town newspaper and I am obviously impressed. I have a lot to live up to!

So Noo’s party theme is “Woodland Creatures”, as she is naturally our woodland creature. We (and by we, I mean “I” of course) love squirrels, owls, hedgehogs, chipmunks, birdies, deer, etc. So they will all be making an appearance in some form at the big bash. I found some precious owl clip art on (source to come-because you must see her work!) and I purchased adorable woodland stamps from AC MOORE. I actually bought the stamps without really knowing what they were about 4 months ago, I suppose it was fate! So this invitation became a little bit of a mixed media creation, which I am really feeling inspired by lately. It is fun to take a digital design to the next level by adding some other art form to it. I painstakingly hand stamped about 30 invitations and colored in about a dozen teeny tiny mushrooms on each one. Hopefully the actually party will come together as well as the invitation. I can’t wait! I am sure the party will be a blog post all on its own.



Designs to come: The rest of the signage for Dave and Ashlene’s wedding. A very special Military Retirement invitation, and many more! See you soon!

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