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A Fab Father’s Day Weekend…

Oh boy…the move has begun. Despite the lurking chaos that is going to pounce on us at any moment, we had a very restful Father’s Day weekend. It began with Lars actually sending me out with my girlfriends on Friday night. JP, LaurLaur and I ate at Confetti Cafe and then continued with some wine at Hotel Bethlehem. The “mommy only time” was so liberating, but nothing is better than walking into the apartment to see Lars and Noo on the couch eating pizza crust together. Uncle Dave and Aunt Ashlene came to visit us Saturday. We ate, drank and played. The perfect trio. This past weekend was a beautiful way to wrap up our time in this apartment. A lot has happened here. Our lives have changed so much in the two years that we have called this place ours. Ahhh…but that is another blog all its own.

How Noo and Lars spent their evening without Mama…video games and pizza!


This is what Lars woke up to on Father’s Day…

Totally normal…


Walking down to Johnny’s Bagels on Sunday morning, Uncle Dave took the reins!




Wanna share your bagel?




Playing hard to get…


Goofball must be in the genes. It’s the Lars in her.

I hope all the wonderful dads out there had a great day. Noo is a daddy’s girl through and through. It’s easy to be one when you have great dads like us. That’s a little shout out to my dad (Poppy). We love you all!

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2 thoughts on “A Fab Father’s Day Weekend…

  1. You totally left out the yo gabba gabba dance party we had Saturday morning.

    • Tam Tam on said:

      Uh oh…seems to me I remember something about that from a movie!!! We totally love the photos and the four of you! P/S I’m thinking Cordelia is not digging the pack and play!

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