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A Beautiful Bridal Shower

Ashlene's U.S. Bridal Shower 6/11

Remember these? Well, the big par-taaay was this past weekend! Noo, TamTam and I headed to Annapolis for the festivities. We had a fabulous time meeting Ashlene’s friends and helping her celebrate her marriage to Dave. I made peacock cupcakes (adorned with edible peacock feathers by SugarRobot) to bring along, and took lots of photos. With impeccable timing, Lars gave me a Nikon SLR camera for our 2 year anniversary. It is AMAZING. I busted that thaaang out like paparazzi on Saturday. Here are the results:


My dad took this one...he was expressing his artsy side! Oh yes, he has one...

On display at the shower. With the cupcake tree we bought on the way because I forgot mine! Tam Tam's rationalization, "well, I mean everyone needs two...duh!" haha

Ashlene with her mama and soon to be mother-in-law.

"Uh yea...I'm not giving a speech" -The beautiful Bride, love her!

Nola was cheesing it up BIG time! Also, I'm really glad her BITING STAGE started about 2 days after this. Otherwise, I would be giving multiple apologies!

She was being a snuggle monster! I was really proud of my cupcakes. The consensus at the shower was that the feathers taste like communion wafers! haha.


These two were taken later with my new telescoping lens…

Seriously, I almost ate her after looking at this picture!



Pffhhh! I mean REALLY!


So, long story short…I love bridal showers, I love Ashlene, I love cupcakes, I love Nola, I love my new camera. I love…lamp? Until next time!


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