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Two years later and these photos still give me butterflies…

Next Sunday Lars and I will have been married for two years! Wedding season is in full swing! I love it. I love seeing the blushing brides walking down Main Street into the Hotel Bethlehem. I love the countless Twitter wedding day count-downs. Most of all, I love stalking acquaintances’ new wedding pictures on Facebook! This time of year, it seems like I get to indulge in a new set of pictures every weekend. From former co-workers, to 3rd cousins…each wedding story is told so uniquely by these images. This got me thinking about the photography at my own wedding. When I flip through our albums, I relive each magical moment. My wedding was the most fun I have ever had in one day. Giving birth to Nola is up there too, but I’m not sure I would characterize that as “fun”. 😉 Our photos truly illustrate the day in all its glory. Our unique and fabulous wedding photographers are responsible for the fantastic story our photos tell. I like to think that our wedding and our wedding photographers were a match made in heaven! Fate had its hand in how we stumbled upon them. Lars and I had planned on having a friend of ours do our photography for the big day. For about eight months, this was the plan. Unfortunately, a month before the wedding, he was unable to get off work for that very important weekend. We understood, but this left Lars and I perplexed as what to do at the last minute. Lars’ brother is an AMAZING photographer, but we knew we wanted him to enjoy the day along side us, as he was the best man. Also, we had already put him to work singing “our song” along with our live band! So, there we were, a month out and no photographer. Then I remembered getting a business card from my sister-in-law. It had been given to her by a co-worker whose husband was photographer trying to get his business off and running. He also happened to be a friend of both Lars and me in high school. But, at the time of receiving the card, we had our photographer all lined up. The very day our photographer cancelled, we searched for this card and shot an email off to none other than our soon to be fated photographer, Leif of Leafo Photo. He and his wife and business partner, Casey, agreed to meet with us ASAP. When we met, we cringed when we told them the date of our event. Leif and Casey calmly assured us that they were on it! Not only did they have the date open, but we knew right off the bat that they were the perfect fit for our big day. They were newly-weds with a fun and funky style. We never had a doubt that our pictures would turn out great, but I don’t think either of us realized how utterly speechless we would be the first time we viewed them.

Leafo Photo captured each moment so perfectly. The silly, the serious, the romantic, the chaotic, the joyous. I like to think of our day as one big party. We had an amazing live band, The Funsters. We danced literally all night long. At one point the owner of the venue, Pizzadili Winery, came out to tell us that he was sending his employees home but we could party on, as he too was enjoying himself! Our photos tell this story exactly as it happened. I love looking at them. They remind me of how I felt, the joy you can see on our faces. I can’t wait to show them to Nola and tell her our love story. I probably won’t have to say much, as these images tell it all…

My sister. She's been my make-up artist since I can remember.

Lars getting ready in the RV!

The guys wore converse, and so did I.

It was a cloudy and stormy day, the sun came out just in time.

Our bests.

Cake topper from Etsy! Our florist and baker worked together on site decorating this!

Our first dance.


I just think this is funny!

There are about a dozen of these. I have three framed in our dining room!

As the party started. The sun was gorgeous!

As the party started. The sun was gorgeous!

The Funsters. LOVE them!

Even the babies were getting down.

I remember in this moment thinking, "how can I really be this lucky in life, love, friends and family?"

Full swing! Leif and Casey were all up in the party. These are my favorite shots. They tell the BEST story!

Leif picked an awesome spot for some last minute poses!

My feet didn't hurt a bit!

Lars is so handsome!

These are just a sample of the great shots captured by Leafo Photo. We certainly fell into good hands. Now-a-days, Leafo Photo is blowing up! They book weddings way in advance, and are booked throughout wedding season. I doubt they do many last minute bookings as of late! I am so happy for them. Not only are they great photographers, but great people. Trusting someone to document one of the most important days of your life can be scary. Give this trust to Leafo Photo, and you won’t be sorry. Leif and Casey will find what makes you special as a couple and bring that out in their art. Leif and Casey, I know these pictures will continue to tell the story of Lars and me to our family long after we are gone. What you do is so incredibly special.



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