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May brings celebrations, and lots of design inspiration.

With Lars’ graduation upon us, and a big family wedding this summer-I have lots of reasons to design! Aside from printing, cutting, crafting, and mommy-ing…I have been working on these two projects. I love side projects like these. They keep me thinking creatively! Check them out:

So...we really like robots.

These are the graduation announcements. We opted out of the university’s announcement package. Mostly because theirs doesn’t have robots…

Lars' Graduation Announcement

But seriously, this was a fun way for me to commemorate Lars’ achievement. Nola helped of course! She is so proud of her Daddy.

I love that the back of the paper is bright green!

This is the shower invitation for Ashlene. I am doing the eco-friendly wedding invitations for her big day in August. These are green in a different way. 😉 I had a great time working on this design. Ashlene has such a stylish and bright personality, I really wanted to capture that in them. Finding this paper was clutch. I bought it first and it totally inspired my design.

I LOVE how these came out.

*If you have any events coming up, keep me in mind for your stationary. I do lots more than wedding invitations!

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6 thoughts on “May brings celebrations, and lots of design inspiration.

  1. Hi! Emily from DiD! I saw your post and came to check out your blog. It’s very well done & I love your projects. Very professional and wonderful designs.

  2. Tammy on said:

    Absolutely LOVE Dan’s graduation announcement!!!

  3. Ashlene on said:

    You are amazing and SOO talented! Can’t wait to see the wedding invites this weekend!

  4. Catherine on said:

    Really loved Ashlene & Dave’s invitations! I have a wedding to plan myself … would love to chat about invitations.

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