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Shake your Easter keister!

It is safe to say that I am well overdue for a good ol’ mommy blog post! After all, Noo was my inspiration for this blog. What a cute little muse she makes.

Sunday was Noo-noo’s first Easter. What did the big bad bunny bring her? Well, a cute outfit of course. She really appreciated it too as I dangled the new dress in her face and squealed, “Look how cute baby boo boo!” What can I say, I am trying my hardest to raise a little fashion-ista. You have to start that early just like anything else right? Amongst Noo’s other Easter gifts were of course lots of candy for mama and Lars. My plan is to eat it as hard and fast as I can in order to return to normal healthy eating as quickly as possible. Makes sense right?

Other than the ingestion of mass quantities of brunch, Easter meant lots of needed family time for us. It had been way too many weeks since Lars and I had been visiting. With Lars’ thesis coming to a close and his semester almost complete, the little Lars family was ready for a break! Do you know what really isn’t restful though? Visiting family with an 8 month old! Don’t get me wrong, we had a blast. When we got back however, Noo and I slept for what I think ended up being 12 hours straight. When you’re visiting family there are much more important matters to take care of than napping. There is playing to do, walks to go on, junk food to be eaten, late bed times to be had, and all naps are of course ignored! Could this last note be why Noo has refused to nap in her crib so far this week? Ah yes, the sweet challenge of returning to normal life after such a grand adventure. I don’t know about you other mommies out there, but routine is a hard thing for me to keep during holidays. After all, what is the beauty in vacation if you don’t get a little wild? To all you moms and dads out there trying to get the little ones off the sugar high and craze that the Easter festivities provided, I hear ya. Stay strong! Don’t forget, Memorial Day is right around the corner. šŸ˜‰

One of my favorites from the weekend. Noo and Lars playing outside of church.

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One thought on “Shake your Easter keister!

  1. I too, love the picture of daddy and Noo!

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