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Pretty Crafty (An Earth Lovin’ Art Project)

Whew! Sorry I’m late! I hope everyone had a joyous Easter celebration.

My Magazine Bowl. 50 sheets of magazine paper, 8 glue gun sticks, and 25 buttons later…here it is:

Magazine Bowl

Approximately 6 inches tall


50 sheets magazine paper, glue gun, glue gun sticks, 25 buttons (not required), mod podge.


Mod Podge– $8.79

*everything else was bought for previous project. Buttons were scraps I had around (more recycling!)


I think this was another fabulous project! In fact, I liked it even more than the coaster. Really it is just a continuation of that project. I even used one of my coasters as the base for this bowl. As the bowl gets bigger, the process gets even easier. I finished this on Wednesday, believe it or not. It took me about an hour to select and fold my pieces of magazine. Then I began assembly. Here is a shot of the beginning. I followed the same process as the coaster, by selecting and folding my paper and then re-sorting them after they were folded. Having the coaster pre-made cut down on my time too. I created this bowl with a 3.5 inch base. You could start with any width you want. I am definitely trying a bigger one next time.

My folded strips of green and yellow and the inside of the bowl.

Like I said, it took me an hour to select paper, fold, and begin assembly. I finished the bowl in my next sitting. That took me about 1.5 hours. I started at the beginning of nap time and finished during lunch! I was so surprised to finish this before the middle of the week!

Side View

I did add a few finishing touches. I recently had Lars bring my sewing machine up from the basement. With it came a bag of scrap fabric and a big bag of buttons. I don’t know why, but I have an affinity for buttons. So of course, I added them. Lastly I coated the whole thing with mod podge. I have only coated it twice, so I will probably do a few more coats here and there.

I think buttons make almost anything cuter!

I thought the bowl turned out great. I absolutely plan on making more of these. I think it would be adorable to make a set of three in varying sizes. As far as the usefulness, this bowl is making a great holder for my buttons, scraps, straight pins and other random supplies. If you created one starting with a wider base, it would make for a great fruit bowl. It is surprisingly sturdy. I think it could hold up to pretty much any job other than Lars’ suggestion, a cereal bowl…

Next Week:

Tin Can Sewing Caddy & Pincushion

This is another clever creation from Heidi Boyd’s CraftCycle.

I am excited to try something completely different this week so stay tuned! Lastly, after suggestions from my sister I have decided to name this aspect of my blog “Pretty Crafty (An Earth Lovin’ Art Project)”. So off I go to get pretty crafty with this next challenge!

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2 thoughts on “Pretty Crafty (An Earth Lovin’ Art Project)

  1. Ashlene on said:

    Lynsey you’re so talented!!! Love these 🙂

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