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DIY or don’t even try?

Do you think of yourself as the anti-Martha Stewart? Find yourself brutally skeptical of any project that claims to be DIY? Think arts and crafts are for people with unlimited time and funds? Me too! That is why I am setting out to prove myself wrong. I am going to try a new craft every week. Easy projects that take (hopefully) limited time and money. Practical crafts that give me an end result of something useful or at least fun. Each week I will blog my inspiration for that week’s craft. It may be something I have seen on Etsy, a DIY magazine or an arts and crafts book. I will then spend my week trying to finish the project between life’s regular hussle and bussle. At the end of each week I will post pictures of the end result. I promise to be completely honest about my successes and failures. I will post lists of the materials I had to purchase and the amount of money spent. I will write the ins and outs of my challenges with the craft and any suggestions I may have to do it better than I did. I will also comment on whether I thought the project was fun or something I would do again.


Another aspect of this experiment will be to try to remain somewhat eco-friendly. I was really inspired to set out on the venture when I was Spring-cleaning last week. I was looking around our over-crowded and cluttered apartment when I noticed my magazine collection was getting a little out of hand. Between my wedding in 2009 and my babe in 2010, I must have every bridal and prenatal magazine issued those years. At the very least I planned to recycle them, but then I thought surely there is something cool to make with all of this paper. So of course I googled. The results were plentiful. You can make magazine bowls, magazine coasters, magazine trashcans, magazine wreaths, magazine frames, etc. And what do you think you need to create all of these cool accessories? Magazines…duh, and a glue gun. That’s it! So as I paroosed and flipped through my latest issue of DIY, I found that most projects can incorporate recycled or “upcycled” goods.

So here I am ready to delve into my first week’s project. Obviously, I chose to go with one of the many magazine crafts. I am going to try my hand at making “magazine coasters”. According to all sources I found, this should be beyond simple. My hope is to create something nearly as cool as what I found on etsy. Check out some of my inspiration:


So, off I go! Wish me luck.


PS: I have been seriously struggling with what to call my little experiment. I want something fun and catchy. Something that describes the message I want to send. Being “crafty” doesn’t mean having all of the time, money and talent in the world. You just have to have a little encouragement to try something new! So send me any ideas that strike you. Thanks!

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5 thoughts on “DIY or don’t even try?

  1. I can’t wait to see the results of recycled magazines turned into coasters! Might make interesting gifts!!

  2. What a cool idea. Good luck! I want to see how all this turns out.

  3. popping in from DID….fun idea!

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