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Tik Tok but the party don’t stop.

Yesterday Nola and I were watching videos of her as an itty bitty newborn. She wasn’t impressed or interested really, but I was! I couldn’t believe how much she has changed and grown. Even more than her physical growth, her personality has blossomed in a way that I can’t even wrap my brain around. I can remember staring at her when she was just weeks old, wishing for a smile, a smirk, anything to establish her depth of being. Now she never stops laughing, squealing and babbling. Watching the videos where I’m saying, “Nola, Nola smile for mama!” (in the most high-pitched voice ever…yes mine does get higher when I try), reminded me not to take for granted the easily earned smiles I get now. Every day with her is a new adventure. Lars, Cordy, Noo-noo and Mama…like our own little super hero squad. We take to the streets of Bethlehem like we are on a mission. That mission is usually just to make it around the block without crying, attacking innocent by standers or pooping in the street…obviously, the later two being Cordelia’s mishaps.

While it pains me to watch my little one get bigger and bigger, other things become more fun with her aging. For instance, a combined birthday party for a three and five year old might not be so happening for a newborn. A six month old on the other hand, couldn’t be more thrilled to partake in the mayhem. We recently experienced just the event. We headed to the hometown for cousins Boots & Ri-Ri’s (can you tell we like nick names in this family?) big birthday extravaganza. Upon arrival we were swarmed by the cousins and their high pitched squeals of delight (yes, the high octave reaching voice also runs in the family). What more could a six month old want than a troublesome duo in her face screaming, “Little baby nol-nol! Coochy-coochy-goo!”. Noo loved it. She couldn’t get enough! As the party continued, more cousins were added to the mix. One being little Jack, 11months, who I think Noo has a crush on. I had to explain to her that he is in fact her first cousin. I’m not sure she cares at this moment in time. He be-bopped around while she stared in admiration of his sick crawling skills. Every time he got close enough, she would reach to him longingly, but Jack was much too fast. There were balloons, streamers, packages, tissue paper and more adults cooing at her than she could shake a stick at! Hours went by, and little Noo was still wide eyed. I looked at Lars…he read my mind. The shut down mode was upon us. The shut down mode is how we lovingly refer to the complete emotional break down that occurs in Noo after an even remotely exciting event. The more fun, the bigger the shut down. She went screeching into a frenzy of fighting off sleep. We all know this never lasts long. Within about 10 minutes, the little creature was fast asleep in the arms of Lars. Thus giving us the time to pack up and get the heck outta dodge before she awoke!

This party caused me to have a revelation. Instead of sulking about how much my little beast has grown already, I should embrace each moment. At this point in this life I feel like I am in a fun house, and there is something new and exciting around each turn. The day of the party it was watching Noo interact with her cousins and friends, today it is just watching her as she flops herself onto her tummy in an attempt to catch the oh so illusive Cordelia. I am realizing that every single day is a “once in a lifetime opportunity”.

Anyone would be exhausted after this much fun! Whew!

Blury, but you can still see that smile! I ❤ Mimi

With her “mimz”.

My little socialite

Nola and Olivia having a blast together!

Hold still, I won't eat you.

Thank you Olivia and Olivia’s Daddy for still being Nola’s friend after she tried to eat you!

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