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Do as I say, not as I chew

I am the woman who has a complete mental breakdown after dinner when I realize there is no chocolate dessert in the house. Pregnancy made dessert the new staple in my daily menu, and by daily of course I mean hourly. I have kicked the giant glasses of orange juice and the never-ending bowls of mint-choco-chip, but that nightly chocolate fix is just one habit that is dying hard…or not at all.

Now that Noo-noo is 6 months, we have been working on her new solid foods diet. She has tried things from sweet potatoes to pears. We found out quickly she hates peas and zucchini. How did we discover she doesn’t like the “greener” foods? Well, she made it abundantly clear when she let each spoonful of the wholesome veggies sit in her mouth refusing to swallow, followed by a loud “BLEEEEH” sound. Bananas, sweet potatoes and pears get a welcome party as they enter her tummy; those other veggies were not invited. Yes, there’s no denying it. My daughter has inherited my sweet tooth. So everyday we work hard at the high-chair, trying new foods that might agree with her taste buds. I have thought often about how to raise her with good eating habits. I want her to have a well rounded pallet, with interest in food as it helps her grow and develop.

Yesterday, as I sat in front of my little babe stuffing my face with McDonald’s fries, I started asking myself, “what is the best way to teach her to be a healthy person?”. It dawned on me. The infamous, annoying and very true saying that your teachers and parents used to drill into your brain…”lead by example”. My jaw dropped, and with it so did the ketchup coated french fry. How can I expect her to be interested in food as it relates to her health, if I am showing flagrant disregard for how it affects me! Oh jeeze. Not a fun realization to make when you still have half a carton of fries waiting to be devoured. That day Noo and I took our weekly trip to the grocery store. We spent twice as much time in the fresh produce section that day. It was like going to church for the first time in months. I tried to act smooth like I had never strayed from the fruits and veggies, but the guilt was like a neon bike reflector stuck to my forehead. Dozens of eyes staring at me like, “do you even remember where they keep the apples?”. We pressed on, filling our basket with wholesome goodness. As we made it to the register, there was not a single cookie or dessert in our basket. I felt proud like, “Hey everyone, look at me! Look at my basket! Aren’t I just the BEST mommy ever!”. No one seemed too impressed, but I felt good anyway.

So this is my new challenge as Noo’s mommy. Lars and I must lead by example and change our eating habits…FOREVER. Everyday will present its own difficulties, but we will press on. That day after the grocery store and after dinner, who do you think was frantically rummaging through the freezer looking for that bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips that I just swear was in there! Oh yea, it is going to be a hard road, but I’ve got some good company. Plus, I couldn’t ask for a better motivation than my little Noo.

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