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My New Boss

I am happy to announce, I have a new job! There was some heavy recruitment done and a lot of negotiations, but the new company won my favor. The hours are long, but I get paid in very slobbery kisses. Who is my new boss, you might ask. That would be the one, the only Noo-noo! I am the newest employee at Baby Lars Co. The benefits package is excellent if you are into snuggling and tummy time, which of course I AM!

In all seriousness, it took Lars and I a long time to make such a life changing decision. I knew for most of my life, when I would think about my future, that I wanted to stay home for a few years with my babies. Maybe just because my mom did it, or maybe because it is in my nature to be a “helicopter mom” as Lars would say. Either way, it was a hard decision, as I worked at the learning center with a great group of people (and mommies) whom I grew to love. Now Noo-noo and I merge ahead in the next big adventure! I am using my time, that is the three half hour slots in which she naps, to work on my personalized print business. I am doing the designing and production of my lovely sister-in-law’s wedding invitations and stationary. I am also growing my esty shop and posting new products often, so check it out 😉

I am loving being home with my little woodland creature of course! What better gift than to get to watch her as she changes and learns. I would like to say however, that my three month stint as a full time out of the home worker and mama has given me full appreciation of the ladies who do it. It takes a lot of energy to work 40 hours a week, or more, and still come home to play time, dinner time, bath time, bed time! So shout out to those mamas who do that daily grind!  I think, whether we stay at home or work outside the home, we all find our days very busy and productive. It is amazing that before I made this decision I thought, “Oh the things I will be able to do now! All sorts of crafts and cooking!” Baahahahahahahaha!!! What a crock! The reality is that I am lucky to get a few minor chores done in a day and then maybe do some design work or cook a meal. What I learned quickly, is to make weekly goals, not daily. It can quickly become very overwhelming if you have things you insist on getting done in a day when you are home with a pint sized dictator. One case of the sniffles or one missed nap, and guess what mama? YOU’RE SCREWED! You can now cancel your workout, push back bath time and forget about reorganizing your closet full of skinny girl clothes (which is still useless to my post-baby body!). But you know what? That’s okay. Because tomorrow I can really bust butt during my work out, Friday I can reorganize the closet and maybe JUST maybe I will get around to starting that new book on Monday. And there my friends, is where I find the joy in staying home. I don’t feel like I have a ton of time on a daily basis, but I can accomplish so much in a week without the stress of saving it all up for the weekend.

I know what you’re thinking, “rub it in, ya jerk”. And I don’t mean to make staying at home sound like the best thing ever. The truth of it is, I love my family either way. When I was working full time, I was just as good of a mommy as I am now. I had just as much fun playing with Noo and I cherished our time equally. This is just the life choice that works for my family and me. It is a good fit. It is of the utmost importance to find what is a good fit for YOU and your family, and do what makes you happy NO MATTER WHAT.



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2 thoughts on “My New Boss

  1. I’m so happy for you :-). You make me smile 🙂

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