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NEVER ignore the signs!

Monday was little Noo-noo’s 7 week birthday, and we have already witnessed so many milestones! She holds a rattle, she laughs (a lot), she sleeps for 4 hour stretches, she “talks” to her mobile (which has to be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen) and she is really responding to Dan and me. It is amazing what happens all in 7 weeks! I mentioned that she laughs a lot, well that is because we have a lot to laugh at in this house. Mommy and Daddy are constantly doing silly things. Like what you might ask? Well, Nola has a little reflux problem and tends to spit up while on the changing table. This always causes me to frantically pick her up so that she does not choke. Not a big deal really… unless she is diaper-less when it happens. I know it’s risky, but I can’t fight the urge to grab her up when she needs me. Until Monday, this risky behavior had gone unpunished. Well, on Monday evening (the premier of dancing with the stars) we needed a quick change. We ran back to the changing table during commercial. We were right on track until Noo started to spit up. There she was, butt naked. I grabbed her up and began to burp her. This was fine until I realized that the Situation was about to premier his moves on DWTS! I ignored all common sense and strolled into the living room with a naked Noo-noo in my arms. Let’s just say I missed most of the Situation’s dance. Standing there, I felt a warm sensation running down the entire front of my body. Then I heard a “dribble, dribble”. I look down and see a puddle below me, I look up and see a smiling, satisfied Noo. This is when Dan walks into the living room. Does he run to my rescue? Does he grab up some paper towels? No, no, no. He almost collapses with laughter. I can’t say I would have done any differently had I walked in on that. Then he looks at me and says, “why is she naked? what were you thinking!?” Well…I WAS THINKING I WAS GOING TO MISS THE SITUATION ON DANCING WITH THE STARS! DUH!

This got me wondering. Why does it seem that all children have impeccable timing when it comes to bodily functions? At home Nola goes hours without blowing up a diaper, but the moment we step out of the house, forget it! She blows up her onesie, the pants, the car seat and anything else that dares get in her way! And of course, this always happens when we are running late. It’s not just BM’s that she has perfectly timed up. She could have just peed, but the moment I put her on the changing table, get a new diaper under her butt and begin to clean her up…piddle, piddle. New diaper DONE, onesie DONE, changing table cover DONE! There is a whole load of laundry created in a 30 second release!

Isn’t it amazing how bodily functions become such a big part of your life when you become a mom? It is like babies are born with the innate instinct to “break you in” so to speak. Speaking of breaking me in, I will end on one last “potty story”.


Last night Nola and I were playing on the couch. I have her up against my chest doing a little tummy time. She’s cooing and laughing and I am just loving watching her. Then I feel a little rumble. No biggie. Fellow parents (and anyone who has spent significant time with an infant for that matter) know that you always wait a little bit before ripping that diaper off. Where there is one rumble, there is always a bigger one to follow. So I keep playing just waiting for that second satisfying moment. There is goes. We start getting up from the couch. Then another rumble and ANOTHER rumble! Whoa! It was getting out of control. I am standing, getting ready to walk to the nursery, when Dan and I just take a moment to laugh at the loud noises coming from our delicate flower of a daughter. I’m chuckling away, when I feel a warm sensation on my chest…running down my stomach. Well this doesn’t make sense. “Blow-outs” come out the back of the diaper and spread up the back of the infant. Oh no, not in this case. Sweet little Noo had managed to explode out the front and back of her diaper. I run to the nursery with Dan right behind me. We realize the damage is so bad that there is no option other than a shower. With Nola on the changing table getting stripped by Dan, I look down at the disaster that is my clothing. Covered…I mean COVERED in you know what! Dan was laughing sooo hard, and I almost yelled at him. But then I realized something. These things don’t happen to Dan. You know why? He hears one little toot and runs to the changing table. He NEVER EVER picks her up naked, and definitely never takes her naked butt to the living room to catch his favorite DWTS moment. I have become too confident, too cocky, too bold! Thank goodness I have little Nola to keep me on my toes! It will be at least a week before I recklessly snuggle with her cute naked self.  😉

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