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Punctuation Alphabet

This was a project I did while in school. We had to create anything out of punctuation that could become marketable. I created an entire alphabet out of punctuation. I then handmade jewelry out of it…will post pics of some of the jewels later. I am definitely not an expert jewelry maker, but I did sell out of my holiday punctuation bracelets at our christmas art show in downtown Bethlehem. Now I am thinking of using the alphabet to create custom signs. Kids names, favorite quotes, etc. We will see!

A, B, C & D

Here is a closer look so you can see how punctuation was used.

Favor for a Friend

I did this floral design as a favor for a good friend of mine. She already was set with her typography, so I just created this pattern to be a reoccurring theme on her pre-established stationary. She wanted something very simple. Their wedding was in a fun, summery setting. It was a very crisp, clean theme with a hint of her inner preppy girl. 😉

Real Estate

This was a postcard done for my friend in real estate. All types of housing for every buyer on the front. The back was then her info with regular updates and real estate advice. Obviously, I base most of my designs in typography.

More work to come!

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