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Nola and Mommy take Bethlehem

Yesterday Noo-noo (her new nickname-thanks Uncle Dave <3) and I left the house… drove in the car… went to the doctor… drove home… WITHOUT DADDY! That means I had to carry her to the car with all of our stuff by myself, drive without being able to sit in the next seat and stare at her, and carry her into the office and unload all of our stuff. I know, I know, I am growing up so fast! It’s as if women everywhere don’t do this every day with complete ease! But hey, let me bask in the glory of my proven independence here! Never again will I judge the woman in the passing car who looks like she is talking to herself. Now I will glance at the back seat of her vehicle most likely to see a little one in a car seat. I sang every song I know in the fifteen minutes it took us to get to the doctor. Nola would have probably enjoyed her trip without the noise, but I was convinced if I stopped she would realize I wasn’t back there holding her hand. Who do you think really needed the comforting?  When we arrived at our destination, I burst into the doctor’s office as if I was expecting a parade to celebrate my accomplishment! There wasn’t one. Just a sign in sheet. So little Nola and I hung out in the waiting room until it was her turn. To make things extra exciting she ripped a big one which then leaked out of her diaper… I swear that only happens when we are out of the house. But hey, she was in a good mood after that! We visited with the doc and then the unthinkable happened. Her doc informed me she was due for her second hep.B immunization. GASP! But doc, I hadn’t warned Nola or given her any heads up that this was going to happen! She is going to HATE me! I’m pretty sure the nurses played rock-paper-scissors to see who was going to have to give the precious baby the shot. I wanted in on the game! Why should I have to be associated with this awful occurrence! But like the true fearless soldier that I am (ha ha ha) I held her and whispered sweet things in her ear while it happened. With my eyes clenched shut, I braced myself waiting for the inevitable heartbreaking scream… wait for it… any second now… this is going to be terrible… NOTHING. The nurse said, “um, we’re all set”. What?! That’s it?! I was in more pain from clenching every muscle in my body, than Nola was from this shot! She whimpered a little while I dressed her and got her back in her seat. We hopped in the car and sang all the way home. Pulling up to the building I cursed every car that was parked closer than we would be able to, of course I told Nola to put on her earmuffs for that part. That was it. Our big scary day (hour) out was over. We retreated to our little apartment and thought of how we could exaggerate the happenings this day for daddy.

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