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Could it be? Am I becoming a real person again?!

After 3 weeks in a very cloudy existence, I feel myself emerging back to real life! No one tells you that having a child will leave you in the most confused and unclear state you have ever felt. I couldn’t remember who called one day or who visited the next. I never got dressed in anything that didn’t resemble pajamas. I spent so much time sitting and nursing that my butt actually went numb for a while. I LOVE my little Nola, and giving birth to her was the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me. On that note, holy sleep deprivation! But now as I sit here typing away, I can honestly say that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Sure, Nola is still rocking my world and I still definitely don’t sleep more than three hours at a time, but together we are getting into a routine. I can actually shower on a regular basis now… whew! I can eat without someone getting my meal for me and setting it up at arms length on a tv tray. Get this… we even had friends over this past weekend! It was wonderful. And I have to say none of this would be possible without my husband, Dan. He is a working grad student, but he still changes diapers at 4am, does all the grocery shopping, yells at me if I pick up the broom, feeds/loves/walks the dogs and most importantly, tells me that I am the amazing one! Lucky me. So here we are, actually becoming a functioning family unit. Now, if only we could get the little princess to sleep in her OWN bed… but that’s for tomorrow’s blog.

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